QX1020 / QX1320 / QX1630 / QX2035

The QX series sets the standard for KD*P electro-optic Q-switches. These devices provide reliable, stable performance for a diverse range of laser applications.

We offer a unique rebuild program that extends the QX lifetime. All rebuilt units are upgraded with the latest product improvements and are returned with a new one-year warranty.


The standard configuration employs a broad band, high damage threshold Sol Gel AR coating for improved durability and performance.   The QX series is also available with index matching fluid and a choice of end caps. All units are tested for optic and electric function and are supplied with a QA inspection report.

Typical Specification 99% KD*P QX1020 QX1320 QX1630 QX2035
    Hard aperture diameter 9.25 mm 12.3 mm 15.1 mm 19.5 mm
    Single Pass Insertion Loss           <1.4% <1.4% <1.8% <2.0%
    Voltage Contrast Ratio        
     (Cross polarizers) 5000:1 4000:1 3500:1 3000:1
     (Parallel polarizers) 2500:1 1500:1 1800:1 1600:1
    DC Quarter wave voltage @1064nm 3.2 kV 3.5 kV 3.3 kV 3.5 kV
    Single Pass Distortion @ 633nm <λ/8 <λ/8 <λ/8 <λ/8
   Capacitance @ 1 kHz 6pF 9pF 9pF 13pF
    10-90% Rise time (50Ω line) 0.8 ns 1.1 ns 1.1 ns 1.5 ns
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.    


  • Industry-proven performance
  • Dry or fluid-filled
  • Highest (99.9% KD*P) deuteration levels in industry
  • Adhesive/Epoxy-free assembly
  • Premium UV-grade fused silica windows
  • Apertures from 9.25mm diameter up to 19.5mm diameter
  • Lowest absorption in industry
  • High-reliability
  • Economical upgrade/rebuild program
  • Highest optical damage thresholds
  • Accessible technical support
  • Standard performance documentation
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Operation up to 10kHz (special order)

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