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We are eager to work with you on your laser-related application. Our technical staff has extensive experience in the growth, design, and fabrication of nonlinear crystals and electro-optic devices. We encourage you to contact us by whatever of the following methods you desire:

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If you would like us to make a product recommendation for a specific application, please send us a complete description of your application, including laser system specifications. For optical frequency conversion processes, please click HERE to complete our nonlinear questionnaire. Data provided on this form enables our experts to utilize proprietary algorithms and decades of experience to determine the best crystalline material for your application, right down to the best crystal length and AR coatings. For all other applications, please use this form. Describe your application, and we will review your requirements and make a recommendation on the best course of action. In either case, please provide all available/requested information so we may respond to your inquiry promptly.

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